Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Find out how to get an eBook "live catalog" of your Zazzle collections

Just added to the Nifty toolbox is a new marketing tool for your Zazzle designs - eBooks from Zazzle Collections! The service is called ZeBookFreeC and is now live!

So how will this benefit you?

  • You'll be able to reach a far wider audience than you reach currently. 
  • With an eBook on your tablet / mobile / Kindle (or other eBook readers) you're never without something to show people, if / when the right time crops up. 
  • ..even when there's no internet service!
  • Easy to upload and sell in Amazon's Kindle program - more on this below

More than that, each design's title is an active link to the repsective product page on Zazzle and, as usual with Nifty tools, all links have a referral id and tracking code in place. Those links aren't really for you, they're for others to use.

Huh??? How does that work?

For others to use the links, you could email them a copy of your eBook, but there's a much,  much better way designed into our eBooks. On the back page there's two convenient ways for them to use.

They can either point their mobile / tablet camera at the QRCode - most Android phones and all recent iPhones will automatically detect it and offer to open the online version of the catalog in your mobile/tablet's browser.

Or they can type in the short bit.ly link directly into their browser's address bar.

Either way, they can now tap the product links and get taken to the respective product page on Zazzle, where they can go on to personalize and buy. So easy for them and when things are made easy for potential customers, more of them turn into actual customers.

A great way to bost your sales. And now they have it in their browser, it's easy for them to pass on to to others. Small steps on the way to big things for you, hopefully :)

This tool requires a few extra steps, so I have to charge for the service. You'll be able to get more details on the eBook tool's page, once it's been released. That's where you'll be able to order your eBook.

What is the point of uploading it for sale on Amazon's Kindle program?

It's all part of a cunning plan....
  • First off, if you price it as low as it can be priced, there are suprisingly many who would actually pay for having it on their Kindle etc. So you might earn a little that way (it all counts).
  • Secondly, you get the chance to design a great cover for your eBook, one you as an artist has full control over. And you can change the default title we gave it, too
  • Thirdly, with that great cover, when you share / pin your eBook from Amazon on social media, you get a great looking post / pin.
  • And more than that, anyone clicking your share / pin gets a chance on Amazon to "look inside" your eBook.
    If they do, the links are active and some visitors will no doubt click / tap and could end up buying.
Every aspect of this Nifty "eBook from Collection" tool has been designed to give you new opportunities, remove obstacles and smooth the way to convert interest into sales. So whether you're thinking about new online opportunites or real world ones, your eBook will meet the needs of both.

So what are you waiting for?



Be aware, I've checked with the Amazon Kindle review team and got clarity from them on this key point: they only accept eBooks where you are the exclusive copyright owner of the content.

It means you're fine with collections of your own designs but not with those of others.