Tuesday, 31 July 2018

New filtered Zazzle rss feed tool, pin-for-pin compatible

Edit: See next post for one you can use for real

Yaay! Happy dance - I've got the pin-for-pin compatible filtered Zazzle rss feed working without resorting to YQL at all. I am using YQL to in the widget to actually get the feed but the feed itself doesn't use it.

As an example, here it is in use.

This is a Nifty live product grid widget using it. It's filtering out all product designs with any of lawyer, red or crimson in their titles.

⚠️ NB For now, the filtered feed is limited to 10 product designs, so it's ok for playing with but can't be used for live websites.

For now, there's no set-up mechanism for it, so what I did was to use the Nifty Control Panel to set up things initially, selecting in Step 2 to make a new nIFTTTy scheduler. Here's the important part from the scheduler set-up page:

You can see I've selected a part of feed - it's the part needed to get everything for the widget's feed thingy. The whole thing looks like thi (note the s:

And I've pasted it into the relevant part of the widget's html code as shown here, replacing what was put there by the Nifty Promo Control Panel when I generated the widget.

click to see larger

Don't worry if none of this makes any sense, I'll be changing the Nifty Promo Control Panel to do it all for you with a few clicks.

Edit to add: I also had to take out the tracking code that was being added by the widget, as that's now done within the feed mechanism.