Monday, 5 November 2018

Live-print catalogs of your Society6 stuff with Nifty, each with a QRCode

If you'd love to take a printed live catalog of each of your Society6 collections with you when you're promoting at a real-world event, then you'll be jumping with excitement at this new Nifty tool!

Here's an example of a live-print catalog - note the print button and that QR code (the live part):
the print button is at the top left of your live-print catalog webpage

The really cool thing is the QR Code at the top of the page under your title. It removes a HUGE barrier to sales. Imagine, there you are at your stand at the exhibition and someone has been lured in for a closer look...
  • they say they like that tee shirt you've got on display but the size is wrong for them and as you chat, they also ask about other stuff you have with the same design. 
  • you tell them about how they can order it themselves at the right size and you whip out your ring-binder and flip to the right collection
  • they love some of the things they see and definitely want to buy
  • cool! Just get them to point their phone at the QR code and they're taken to the very page you printed (as long as you haven't messed with the collection in the meantime!)
  • they can then tap any of the designs they love, to then be whisked off their feet to that product's page on Society6 - they could bookmark it for later or, hopefully, even buy there and then!
Or maybe you put some out as flyers in local venues - sit and wait for the sales! Here's some more ideas:

  • ✅  Have them at your stall at events / exhibitions
  • ✅  Use them as flyers to leave at hotels, spas, wedding venues, clubs - wherever suits the collections you've made
  • ✅  Mail them out to your target audience
  • ✅  Host a coffee morning for your target audience with a few copies of each catalog - everyone can start personalising and buying right away!
  • ✅  [insert your own great idea here!]

With the Holiday Season almost upon us there's no better time to start!

🎓 It's best to pull from a collection because you then have total control over the product designs you include and their order - and you can get up to 240 products (with any other way, uyou're limited to 42, Society6's standrard page size). There's nothing to stop you pulling by any other Nifty ways you fancy - just reprint your catalog to keep things in sync after any major changes.

Getting your printed catalog

Here's the CPanel where I've set up my collection:
choosing to use a collection as the source for the Live-print Catalog in Step 1

 Here's where you'll find the button in Step 2 to get to your Live-print Catalog:
click to go the right place in Step 2 for opening my example Live-print Catalog

Here's a link to Nifty with all the settings in place to pull from one of my collections Go on, click the link and give it a go, it's really cool! 😎

⚠️ In Firefox (just on a Mac?) when you view a pdf instead of printing to your printer, later pages have fewer products and smaller sizes. Weird ðŸĪŠ

It works just fine and dandy in Chrome, Safari and Opera 🙂

👁‍ðŸ—Ļ Once again, for the sake of transparency, the links used on the catalog page are on a 50/50 referral split. That means half of them will use your referral id and mine will be on the other half, all chosen at random. Don't worry, any royalty due on sales of your products will always go entirely to you.

If you have a Nifty Subscription, your curator id will always be used, so you get to keep all the cash ðŸĪ‘

I hope you find this tool useful for helping you make sales in the real world!

Mark (HightonRidley)

ðŸĪ“ Notes from Nerdsville

I've not got much control over the exact layout and font size on the printout. The systems used on the computer that is doing the printing seem to be in charge! Headers and footers are in your page setup - nothing to do with Nifty.
I'm on a Mac and printing to a real printer gives me 9 products per page on a 3x3 grid. Same for when I use PDF as the "printer" to use.