Friday, 22 December 2017

Learn how to earn with the free online Amazon Nifty CPanel

Are you an Amazon affiliate?
Are you ready to start earning for free with the
Amazon Nifty CPanel?


Here's a summary of what it does for you:
  • πŸ’° Makes it as easy as possible for you to earn revenue as an Amazon affiliate
  • πŸ“ˆ Choose any of Amazon's Best-Seller lists as the source for products
  • πŸ“£ Use individual product sharing to share them - supported popular places are:
    • Pinterest - the best revenue generator (yours must be a business account).
      Remember, Pinterest actually wants you to pin lots!
    • Twitter - good place to generate revenue, if you have the followers
    • Facebook - good for your business page, much less so for ordinary shares
    • Google Plus - as per their terms of service, don't forget to declare it's an ad (use Ad: at the start and you'll be fine)
  • ✂ Instead of sharing, you can get copy-and-paste code for your blog / website for various widgets. Choose how you want to showcase the products with these widgets:
    • product grid (css and html )
    • real-time* product (javascript, css and html)
    • sliders (css and html)
    • scrollers (css and html)
    • real-time* slideshows (javascript, css and html)
*Real-time widgets pull the most recent best-sellers from Amazon each time the page is viewed. The others use the products that were best sellers at the time the code was generated.

All you need to get going is :
  • This link to the Amazon Nifty CPanel
  • Your choice of a specific best-seller department from those shown on Amazon

Which Amazon site to use? 

tested on

When you sign up as an affiliate of Amazon, you choose the Amazon domain you're going to promote their products from. Any affiliate ids you create are specific to and only valid on that domain.
We've tested those above, many others should also work ok

How to earn from it - summary

This is just a summary - each step is detailed further on with screenshots. πŸ‘‡

We'll focus on earning from Pinterest, as that's the quickest way to get the $'s flowing in our experience. So here's how to start your revenue stream from Pinterest:
  1. Using the Amazon Nifty CPanel, choose your best-seller list
  2. Next, put in the affiliate id you want to use form those set up in your Amazon account
  3. Leave the rest alone, the defaults of using page 1 and pulling all 20 are just fine.
  4. Choose Pinterest from the options revealed in Step2->Share individual products and start your streamlined pinning from the new window that opens!

Step by step with screenshots 

Although we're on the site as an affiliate, most of our readers are in the US, so we've chosen our best seller from the site.

Step 1 Choose your best-seller list etc

We chose the best-sellers baby department:

We put in our affiliate id and left the page size at 20 and the page to pull from as 1:

This is what we got:

Step 2: Source sorted, lets get pinning!

To choose streamlined pinning on Pinterest, tap/click Step 2's "show/hide" button here:

 to see:

..then tap/click the "show/hide" button next to "Share individual products" to see:

 Finally, tap/click the Pinterest link from the list. It'll open a new window looking like this:

Now get pinning! Don't forget to add hashtags. You could add some and turn some of the words in the description into hashtags.

That's all there is to it. You'll have pinned all twenty in no time!



Tip one: When you see how quick it is to do a page of twenty, you'll be tempted to do the next page of twenty, and then the next etc.

If that's what you're going to do, you have to take into account that Amazon updates their best sellers hourly. By chance, unless you take steps, you'll finish pinning all twenty and then move onto the next while Amazon is doing its update. πŸ•’

You could end up repinning something you've already pinned or missing something that jumped so high in popularity that it moved to an earlier page. 🚫

To get round it, in Step 2 when you tap/click the Pinterest link to open the new window, immediately go back to Step 1 and change the page number to 2. Then click the Pinterest link in Step 2 again to open another new tab/window (set up with page 2's products this time). πŸ’‘

Keep doing that while there are products available. You'll end up with as many new windows/tabs as there were pages of those best-sellers and, unless you're really, really unlucky, products won't have shifted around in the best-seller pages while you were getting each one. πŸ”

Now you can go through those new windows/tabs and pin away to your heart's content. πŸ“Œ

Tip two: Expect to wait a few weeks for your first referral commissions to start coming through, it's all down to the best-sellers you choose, the boards you use, chance and hashtags. The more you pin and the more they get repinned, the quicker it should be, building up as more weeeks go by.

πŸ“Š Tip three: If you intend to share on other social media, think about setting up enough different affiliate ids in your Amazon account to cover them. That way, you can use a different one for each channel and see which are proving most effective.

πŸ“’ Tip four: Make sure you include in your Amazon account a link to each of your social media channels that you're going to use in this way.