Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Nifty - removing dependence on YQL

I'm slowly rewriting the nifty tools to remove their reliance on YQL (Yahoo query language). The reason is twofold:
  • it's been unreliable in the past, causing issues with Nifty and its tools
  • to gain a slight speed advantage (one less call across the internet to another service)
So far I've done the nIFTTTy Scheduler and the nIFTTTy Pid Scheduler. When time permits, I'll rewrite the rest that use YQL.

Edited to add: After further research I find I can't get rid of YQL in any of the javascript-based tools. This is because browsers automatically prevent "cross origin resource sharing". It's a fancy way of saying you can't access some forms of resource held on a different domain to the one the javascript is running on. YQL gets round that and I can't find a different way