Thursday, 21 July 2016

Generic Marvin Creatives for your Zazzle Promos

Marvin is a guidebot, primarily to give guided tours around your Zazzle store - 365/24/7

But he's much more flexible than that. He can do shopping guides for other people's Zazzle stores and also for the general Zazzle marketplace. Have a look at the one below.
It uses some generic creatives I created that you can use, too. Together they make up what I've called a generic Zazzle shopping guide. That's because it's pulling from the Zazzle marketplace.

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guided search (opens in new tab)

I could also have limited them to just designs in the official "occasions" category by using that option (and giving it the value of 103661321574220876 - the Marvin Maker page tells you more on using marketplace and your own categories).

About Marvin

Marvin is never seen, visitors only see what he does - and that's to show them a series of flash-cards. The guided part comes about because under the slideshow of flash cards is a search box that Marvin fills in for you.
Of course, those terms are cunningly chosen so they bring up the products or design styles being talked about on the flash card they're with.

Who chooses the search terms Marvin will use?

The person who makes the postcards are the ones who decide. - Yes, the flash cards Marvin uses are actually postcards on Zazzle.
So where are they search terms...
That's easy - they're in the title you gave to the postcard when you made it.
Note that in the postcatd's title you have to use + symbols instead of spaces if you use more than one word in your search term. For example, summer+beach.

What other options are there for controlling Marvin?

Lots and lots :) See the Marvin Maker page - everything's explained there.

What a store guidebot looks like

The heading and slideshow below was created by my Marvin Maker page.

Marvin always sits behind the scenes. He's only making an appearance here so he can introduce himself and what he can do for you, your Zazzle store and your visitors.

Note the search terms can change for each card.  Btw, there's nothing special about them being postcards, it's just postcards are a convenient size and shape to maximize the available space for your creative / message.
Enough, over to Marvin:

Fetching...won't be a tick!