Monday, 5 March 2018

Released: Cool upgrade to Nifty Slideshows (widgets & sharer page)

I've applied the same styling changes to the Zazzle Nifty slideshows that I made to the Society6 ones.

Those changes apply to the slideshow sharer page (the original, not the elastic bounce) and slideshow widgets.

All exisiting slideshow widgets and sharing pages will automatically use the new styling. Here's what the slideshow widget looks like:

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

search (new window)

When you share a blog post with a widget like this on Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, you'll now get the *first image in the slideshow in your share. Cool!

...and click this link to see the new style on the slideshow sharer page

Make your own here:

Enjoy :)

*There mustn't be any images in your blog post before the widget for this to work

New slideshow styling for Society6 Nifty CPanel

Thanks to feedback received in the Society6 Promotions Facebook group, I've worked on the presentation aspects of the Nifty's slideshow sharer page and also the slideshow widget.

Here's what the widget looks like now - what do you think?

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

search (new window)

...and see what the slideshow sharer page looks like now

Lookin' good, yes?

If you're a Society6 artist and have joined the curator program you can make your own widgets or slideshow sharer pages here