Sunday, 21 October 2018

6 step Pinterest recipe for Zazzle referrals - guaranteed

Updated October 30th 2018

Proven by Zazzlers as revealed in the NiftyToolZ, Tips and Support Facebook group.

Each of the following steps is described below in more detail:
  1. Get a Pinterest business account if you haven't already got one
  2. Use a tracking code with date pinned included in it on all Zazzle pins
  3. Pin 50 Zazzle product designs per day minimum, using hashtags
  4. Spread over a week, repin at least 30 from your Pinterest home feed /  search
  5. Spread over a week, follow around 10-20 boards / people
  6. Give it 3 months and you should be seeing referrals starting to become regular

Ok, now to explain each of those 6 steps in more detail...

1. Get a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest will view affiliate links very dimly if you don't have a business account. They may even delete your account if you pin too many without one.

2. Use a tracking code with date pinned included

Every pinned Zazzle product design absolutely has to have a tracking code. Make sure it has the date pinned as part of the code. This is essential so you know where your successes come from and how long ago it was pinned so you can react accordingly.

When you choose a tracking code, make sure it's unique to the theme/style/board you're working with. (If you use either of the nIFTTTy schedulers, see below, the date pinned is added to your tracking code automatically.)

3. Pin 50 per day minimum - every day - and use hashtags

Yup, at least 50. Every day. With relevant hash tags.

You say "Hmmm.... that's a tall order, it'll take me at least an hour a day, likely more, and I can't afford that time away from creating. And I'll lose track of where I got to as time goes on."

I say to that, use a tool that automates the whole process, hashtags and all. Once set up, it'll run and run until there are no more product designs left to pin. (With the nIFTTTy scheduler pinning from a store at the rate of 10 per day, it'll run unattended for 100 days.)

Pin to boards themed by design style or by event / bank holiday. And go niche. You know, things like gothic weddings, first responder business cards, trucker gifts and so on. Make sure your niches are related to what interests you and it'll make your interactions on Pinterest both easier and more attractive to others.

4. Repin at least 30 spread over the week

If you don't interact on Pinterest other than to pin a lot of affiliate links, there's a good chance your account will be seen as spammy - and that can get you shut down.

To interact, choose from your home feed on Pinterest or do a search for pins related to your chosen niches and then pin what you like to the right board.

Crafts and maker projects are always good especially when kids are on vacation from school or for times like Halloween, Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah and so on.

5. Follow 10-20 boards / people spread over the week

Another form of interaction you need to do is to follow others - either the person or some of their boards. You don't have to do this each day but try to spread it around during the week and / or at the weekend.

The important thing is to demonstrate by your actions that you're a human and not just a bot.

6. Give it 3 months

The way that it works on Pinterest is that people repin things that appeal to them for whatever reasons work for them. One of those reasons is that it's something they might buy for themselves or as a gift for others - not there and then but 'when the time comes'. You know, much like you might be browsing a store and think "Oh, so-and-so would like that".

From the massed experience of people in the NiftyToolZ, Tips and Support Facebook group, this tends to be around 3 months on average. We know this because of the pinning date included in the tracking code.

Note that you do need to have a lot of pins for the averages to work out for you. The 50 per day, every day, should get you there.


  • Pin lots every day, sticking to some form of niche themes and their boards
  • Demonstrate you're human by interacting with other people, their boards and pins on at least two or maybe three days a week
  • Give it time


About Nifty and how it helps both with automated and manual pinning

The Nifty tools have been designed by a Zazzler for Zazzlers and that means they're crafted to deal with all of Zazzle's idiosyncracies.

Automated Pinning

The nIFTTTy Scheduler works in conjunction with IFTTT (If This Then That) to work its magic. For a complete, step-by-step tutorial on making your own nIFTTTy Scheduler Applet, see this blog post

Manual Pinning

The Nifty Promo Control Panel provides a tool for pinning individual products - you set up the collection or store / category / search you want and then in Step 2, you choose individual product sharing.

getting at the individual product sharer for Pinterest (and other social media)

Here's what the Pinning tool looks like in use:
click the image to try for yourself

Just flick through the designs, Pinning as you go. Easy!

Find out which Nifty Tools are right for you on this blog page: