Friday, 8 April 2016

Probably the easiest way to promote your Zazzle gear on your Blogger blog

Nifty Slideshow Maker

See that slideshow over on the right? That was created with our new Nifty Slideshow Maker in just a few easy steps.

Every product image is linked to its product page and all links always use your referral id and a tracking code you choose - all described in the video.
Here you go, in just under 7 minutes you'll see how easy it is to promote from your blog.

It's up to you whether you promote products from your store, from the market place or from one of the brand stores, like Disney:

Fool around

If you like, see how effective it is by playing with the one over on the right. I think you'll like the pause on hover and the control panel that pops up when you hover.