Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Zazzle Forum sharer - last(?) new Nifty tool

I've added what I think will be the last new tool to the Nifty Promo Control Panel for Zazzlers. It's another individual product sharer but this time for sharing to the Zazzle forum.

Yes, that means it produces BBCode and all you do is copy and paste it in a new reply on the forum you want.

Mostly people will use it on the Show Me forum. Here's one I shared:

Get going with your own - here's where you find it:

Click the image to try it on your own store. All you do is fill in your storeid and referral code above that section, up in Step1 first.

Screenshot of Product Grid Expander in action

Here's what the new Product Grid Expander sharer page in Nifty looks like in action:

Click the image to try it yourself.

Take your own for a spin here:

It opens and scrolls to the right spot to show you where you click when you're ready to promote. First, though, you've got to give your own store id and ref id to make it yours in Step 1.

Then, if you want, give a search term to be more specific.