Friday, 16 November 2018

Get your Pinterest personalized action guide - new features in v2.2

Edit: Nov 24 2018, Now at v4 - duplicating for Pins the functionality already present for Boards. 
Now you select the whole page for pasting - right-click, select all, right-click, copy (or <ctrl>a,<ctrl>c - or <cmd>a,<cmd>c on a Mac)

Hot off the press - new version is out. Love ❤️ the new ignore buttons and color-coded table display! Now you can home in on what works much more easily. (see previous post for instructions)

Get yours here

Do you have a board that's seasonal and the event has recently finished? Now you can ignore it and its data.

Why ignore such boards?

...because you want to focus on improving for what's coming, not what's passed!
green, blue and orange show the top three rankings, in that order

In this table I chose to ignore two boards - Diwali and Best Boss Day. If you look at the date of the post, you'll see that those two have recently passed by. I note - and I guess it's no surprise given the date - that Thanksgiving has the best click-through-rate (CTR)

- and, yes, I'm already doing more on that board - I'd actually overlooked it and building, testing, using and enhancing this tool drew it to my attention. It works!

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