Monday, 5 May 2014

My Zazzle Product Set

Center of The Swan Nebula SkateboardsCarina Nebula - Breathtaking Universe Keepsake BoxHelix Nebula, Galaxies and Stars ButtonStellar Nurseries RCW120 Skate Board
A set of my Outer Space gear

This set of products were drawn from my Zazzle store using a new tool I've got in development for the Zaps toolkit.

I still have to work on the best way of pulling from Zazzle, though. I'm thinking of setting it up so you get to say what product type to use for each item.

You could then easily make dining sets, sets of wedding stationery and so on. Of course, the recipe has got to keep on working, unattended, and post a new set each time, according to your schedule. This means it'll use some variation of the ferris-wheel approach.

So those requirements are what I need to solve. I'm on the case!

Love to hear your thoughts!

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