Monday, 30 April 2018

V2 of Zazzle Performance Bookmarklet released - now with config screen

EDIT: May 1st: Entirley replaced by the new NiftyZSort bookmarklet - see this blogpost to get yours

EDIT: Replaced by Version 3 - read more and get it here

This new version of the Zazzle Perfomance bookmarklet gives a configuration option so you have control over
  • how many of the products on the page that you want to have the alltime performance highlighted for (red)
  • any of the Zazzle statistics lines you want highlighted (blue)
You don't have to use the configuration option if you don't want to. If you don't use it, the top 10 best performing products (as given by Views divided by All Time Orders) will have their performance stats highlighted in bold, red.

This is an example of what you get after choosing to highlight views and last sold date:


This is the configuration screen so you can see how I set things up for the above:

...and here's what you get when you first click the ZPerformance bookmarklet:

This shows a sorted list of performance for each product on the page, best first. It uses the total number of views divided by the number of orders over all time ---> Views / Orders (All time)

The higher the number of orders, the more confidence you can have in the views-per-order number that's listed. With only 1 order, a views-per-order of 5 might just be good luck but if there's been dozens of orders for a particular product and it gives a views-per-order of 5, then that's probably a reliable figure to work with.

Get your bookmarklets here

Here's the ZPConfig bookmarklet and here's the new ZPerformance bookmarklet. Just drag those links to your bookmarks toolbar and you'll have your bookmarklets ready for use.

To try them out,
  • go to your Zazzle store's back end 
  • sort things by Orders (All time)
  • set the page size to 96
  • Click the ZPConfig bookmarklet
  • type "viewed 20" (no quotes) and click ok
  • Click the ZPerformance bookmarklet
Do you see how easy it is to skim the results to better understand how / if last viewed date factors in to things?
The top 20 performances are highlighted in red (to make them easy to spot)

IMPORTANT If you want to change the configuration for the page, you'll first need to refresh the page to reset everything.

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