Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Nifty Slideshows broken for now - Google withdrew the feed api from service today

Sad news today as Google withdraws its feed api. Nifty Slideshows (and other tools) depended on it so they're broken for now.

I'm working on a fix and bit by bit, I'll get as much of it working as possible. Existing slideshows right now show stuff from my store, rather than a broken page. I'll get that working fairly soon so it shows your slideshow.

The quick fix above displays the items as a scrolling list of results rather than as a slideshow - best I can do for now.

Unfortunately, those of us that having been embedding slideshows in our websites and blogs using the code option are now experiencing broken slideshows, There's nothing I can do about that as they explicitly use the Google feed api (which is what Google has now withdrawn).

I've been going back over recent blog posts affected and removing them :(

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