Sunday, 12 July 2015

Women's Tops - a new Karmani Designer Lifestyle iBoutique

I've had a lot of fun making a Women's Tops boutique for Karmani Designer Lifestyle. Part of the fun was choosing the themes to focus on for each type of top.

I finally settled on
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Novelty
  • Biker
  • Occasions
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Funny Quotes
The rest of the fun was modifying the tool I use to let me organise by theme within product type rather than the deafult product type within theme. Four days to get my brain round it, change it and test it.

All good, though :)

As usual, I try to make sure I give all the smaller artists on Zazzle a fair chance at having their designs included, at the expense of the larger ones (many of whom use underhanded tactics to dominate the market place).

It's hard work but only a few slip through the net :)

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