Friday, 1 May 2015

Why ZazMySite is better than Zazzle Store Builder

A question on the Zazzle forum prompted this post. The meat of the question was why are hand-picked product grids better than Zazze Store Builder ones.

I replied by saying that because the ZSB product grids are delivered by RSS feed, the search engine spiders "can't see them".

Ok, not stritcly true, but the end result is the same: the spiders don't see it as your page's content. The SEO value is directed to the source of the RSS feed - in other words, ZSB gives any SEO value to Zazzle, not your page.

Here's a screenshot of how Googlebot sees a product grid built by ZazMySite:

You'll see that the Googlebot sees the content - and, because it's actually there and not delivered by RSS, my page gets any SEO value. I'm NOT worried that the links don't use "rel=nofollow" because, as Matt Cutts, then of Google, said, because they already know that these large stores are places where people earn by affiliating / selling, there's no need.

I'll update this post when I can get a screenshot of how Googlebot "sees" a Zazzle Store Builder page.

Meantime, find out more about ZazMySite and take the trial version for a spin - product grids limited to 5 items.

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