Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Curated Zazzle Collections feature - SeeMyBest Pro (permanent version)

New Curated Zazzle Collections feature

I've  just finished adding a new feature to the permanent version of SeeMyBest Pro. If you've not heard about Curated Zazzle Collections, you can find out more about them on the official Zazzle blog, here.

When choose to generated html in the configuration form, then you will automatically get both a full and a Google-shortened link to your curated collection of the currently saved products.

Here's a screenshot showing it. I've pulled a bunch of products from my store, selected two of them for the collection and then clicked the "save selected items" button.

...and here's a screenshot of the resulting Curated Zazzle Collection:

click the image to see the live Curated Zazzle Collection

This feature is only available in the permanent version of SeeMyBestPro, so if you want access, head over to the free version and donate via the big orange button you'll see. As a result of you donating, I'll get an email notification. As soon as I get it, I'll send you the access details for the permanent (i.e. not trial) version.

Although Zazzle doesn't tell us on the blog whether or not the curations feature supports a tracking codes, I've built one in anyway. It's "mycollection". If they confirm they do, I'll make an entry on the configuration form so you can set the tracking code to what you want.

If you don't really understand about tracking codes, here's a quick heads up. If you make any sales through a link of yours that contains one, then you'll see it in your Referral History report on the same line as tells you what you sold. If you use a different tracking code for each place that you promote, you'll be able to tell which places are working.

Always good to know :)

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