Monday, 25 August 2014

3 Easy Steps to take part in a Big Affiliating Experiment and boost your Zazzle sales

1) Follow, follow follow!

By following each other, we all should get a boost in traffic that should lead to sales.
List your user name url in your Zazzle Forum reply on each of Pinterest, Polyvore and Wanelo (PinAProd donaters can also list StumbleUpon and WeHeartIt) and then follow everyone else's.
This last part is important!

I'll get the ball rolling:

2) Now comes the affiliate part

List one of your stores in your reply on the Zazzle forum. Mine is:

Use PinAProd to pull from each store that people taking part have listed, using your referrer id and a tracking code (of course!). Make sure the tracking code is specific to this experiment (you could use, for example pinterest-afexp, wanelo-afexp etc) and pin, share etc 10 products from that store.

3) Report any successes!

Finally, please report on the Zazzle Forum any sales you make that use the tracking codes you've gave.

If you're not sure where to look to find out, it will be in your Referral History Report, like this:

Good luck everyone!

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