Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Zaps affiliate program progress

I've had some really valuable feedback to help guide me as I develop the resources and material for my Zaps affiliate program (Zaffpro).

So here's a list, together with their solutions. The only outstanding one is to provide a well-designed sales page for Affiliates who want to use it (in bold, below)


The requirements for the program are as follows (no particular order):
  1. Affs need a "buy now" button to place on their sales pages
  2. For Affs that don't want to (or don't have the resources to) use their own sales page I need to provide one for them
  3. Affs don't want anything on a sales page that allows the visitor to leave without buying
  4. A sales page I provide would have to give context and major benefits of Zaps in case the Aff hasn't addressed any of that.
  5. Affs want to be credited for any sales arising from their promotion effort
  6. I need to be able to issue coupon codes for:
    1. my own use
    2. affiliate use
  7. Affs need to know where to go for the resources they need to support their sales pages
  8. I need to be able to communicate en-mass (e.g. send email newsletters) with
    1. buyers of Zaps
    2. Affiliates
(As well as that, I need to have a Zaps sales page for my own purposes - the one I already have as a tab on this blog.)


  • Requirements met: 1) and 5)
    E-Junkie, the program provider I've gone with, provides my affiliates with:
    • 1) the code for the button, which includes their Aff id
      If they like, Affiliates can change the button image used with their own design
    • 5) the code for a link to my sales page (E-J calls this a "hop link") includes their Aff id
  • Requirements to be met: 2), 3) and 4)
    • I need to decide where my sales page will be 'housed'
    • When done, I need to update my E-J account hop link with the sales page url
  • Requirement met: 6)
    • 6.1) That's easy, I just don't tell anyone
    • 6.2) I can emailshot them via Mailchimp (see 8.2 solution)
  • Requirement met: 7)
    • I have a tab on this blog with Zaps logos and useful links
  • Requirement met 8)
    • 8.1) E-Junkie allows and manages sending of newsletters to buyers
    • 8.2) E-junkie allows me to download a list of affiliates email addresses so I can use Mailchimp to send newsletters
If you're a potential affiliate and have some ideas for what or how I need to help you, I'd love to hear from you. Comment or, if we're already connected use email, G+, Fb etc.

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