Thursday, 21 November 2013

Colorful Flower With Ribbons iPhone 5 Case

An amazing iPhone Case design featuring a beautiful fractal. Click to personalize / customize.

tagged with: multi colors colours colored, fractals fractal, cheerful, happy, whispy, femenine, new age, colorful colourful, ribbons ribbon, digital, digital art arts, computer graphics, modern, flowers, flower, florals, floral, nature

beautiful fractal with pretty daisy like flower in the centre and lovely satin like emeraldgreen ribbons in a bow, surrounded by gold, yellow, mauve and pink sky, soft and bright pattern with floralin the middle and a ribbon radiating from it. multi colored coloured digital art abstract flower with a dainty pink flower in the centre and lovely ribbons flowing out of it in a natural and elegant swirl in golden colors with pinks and yellows, very pretty, feminine and girly design with colourful colorful fower and ribbons. multicolored multicoloured design.

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