Nifty Product Sharers

These are real, live examples of things you can do with the Nifty tools when you don't have your own website or place where you can paste html.

For each one you create, you get a page on my website which uses your ref id and tracking code. You and your visitors will be able to share the page on social media - direct support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

And they all use responsive design so they work perfectly on tablet and mobile, too - doubling your reach from the outset!

Share a slideshow

Get your own slideshow web page to share. For those without a web site of their own, you get as many slideshow pages as you want on mine. And your visitors can share it too!

This screenshot shows a share in progress on a slideshow page.

Click the image to see the slideshow page. Note that the share text is sensibly extracted and looks great in the share.

Share individual products

You're the type who prefers to have a focused promotion session and share a batch of products all at once - the same few products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - your choice.
Many argue it's better to promote one or two products widely than it is to promote many of them down just one channel. Well, either way is equally easy with Nifty!

The way it works is you get a page from which you share individual products. How do you do it? Well you shoot through a slideshow of your selection, stopping on the ones you want to promote and sharing them.
Here's a screenshot showing a tweet in progress during individual product sharing:

Click the image to go to the individual product sharer page above. And of course, you get the product image in Twitter as well, hotlinked to your product page with your rf id intact.

Share a product grid page 

If you want your own web page showing a grid of your products instead of a slideshow, this tool is the one for you. And, of course, anyone can share it.
Here's a screenshot showing what one looks like:!&pdl=80

Click the image to go to the product grid page

If you prefer a different layout, you can use the "product grid expander". In action, it looks like this:
click the image to see this one in action

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