Monday, 6 July 2015

Sponsor // Color of the Year — Gnome Hat Red? 

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Cube_Color of the year_Gnome Hat RedWhatever you think the color of the year should be, Cube allows you to capture, digitize and work with it. Simply place Cube on the surface you want to scan, tap, and the color is yours to play with.

Paired to smartphones, Cube allows you to match to RGB, CMYK and HEX values, Copic markers, and even spray paint palettes. On your desktop, Cube makes the perfect match back to Photoshop’s built-in libraries – Pantone, Trumatch, and more.

Whether it’s gnomes, textiles or flowers — Cube turns a fleeting moment of inspiration into the beginning of your next project. Capture your color of the year. Visit and use code CUBE_25 for 25% off a creative companion of your own.

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