Friday, 17 July 2015

Keeping on keeping on with Karmani Designer Lifestyle

It's been a couple of months or so since I did an appraisal of the successes rate from my Zazzle affiliating activity.

Christmas season of 2014 gave me an inkling of what was possible, so I did some back-of-the-envelope, thumb-in-the-air calculations. I knew I couldn't rely on any predictions that might come as a result, but it was the best I could do based on the figures I had and at least would give me an indication.

Cutting a long story short, to be able to get an income from Zazzle affiliating I could just about survive on, I'd need to double, double, double and double again the average, seasonally-adjusted figures I'd already been achieving.

Again, not particularly valid but the best I can do, when I convert this to the number of web pages with Zazzle products on them I need to get to, I get the answer of 6,500 pages.

This all assumes (danger, danger!) that the new pages become as 'popular' on the search engines as the existing ones.

So my response to this has been to build / mash together the tools I need to help me - you can't do 6,500 pages by hand!

Today I reached 3,000 pages. I'll now be able to watch the results come in over the next few weeks and that'll tell me if I need to do one more doubling as predicted or (sure hope not!) two more. Meantime, I'm promoting the new Boutiques wherever makes sense.

Early results are promising... here are my site visits statistics: at the left of the graph is the day before I started (and was a good daily average up till then) and to the right is half way through today.

To my eye, that looks like a doubling followed by another doubling. And I know I've done one more doubling than that, so I expect to see that reflected on the graph over the next few weeks. Of course, that's still got to translate into referral sales and that's a much more wildly varying graph that only time will average out to a trend I can see :(

For a complete list of the Boutiques so far, see this Boutiques Guide.

At least this time I'll have a large enough sample of data to predict from and see if it's all feasible :)

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