Friday, 27 February 2015

ZazzleMySite - site and blog post generator, released at v1

ZazzleMySite - What is it?

ZazzleMySite is a web page generating tool for web sites and blogs that gives you unique Zazzle product grids on every page generated.
Here's an example Cinderella Accessory page created with it. Other Cinderella pages generated at the same time are automatically linked.

ZazzleMySite generates web pages and blog posts
with unique, static product grids

Say again?

ZazzleMySite is designed to work with a template for your site and, together with a bunch of settings per page, it generates all the pages, putting a unique product grid on each that displays your (or others') Zazzle products.
Thanks to some real helpful beta testers, I've managed to get this out in double-quick time!

How is that good for me?

It's ram-jam packed with benefits for you:
  • Embiggen (thanks Sprigfield!) your website with beautiful pages in minutes
    • It would take a competent web designer hours to do what you can do in minutes - more product creation time for you!
  • You earn from any referred sales and will know where that sale came from 
    • Everywhere your product links can appear can have their own tracking code
  • So easy for visitors to share what they see and like
    • Every product in the grid has it's own share / pin buttons
      Yes, you're also be able to earn and track sales from pins / shares!
  • Search engines love content created with ZazzleMySite
    • Static product grids mean their spiders can see and feast on them - which they can't with RSS feed-driven product grids like in the Zazzle Store Builder and others
  • Search engine spiders love fresh content and that's covered as well
    • You can regenerate all your pages using the same choices you made before and the product grid will be freshened with all the currently trending / popular items matching those choices.
  • Navigation included
    • All pages generated in the same session will have a set of navigation links included, with links to every other page generated at the same time.
  •  Small but perfectly formed templates to choose from
    • If you're thinking of starting a new site or blog, there's presently two(!) templates to choose from and this number will grow
  • All your options are easy to save and load again for next time
    • Once you have one set done and pages generated, it's so easy to modify your saved options to generate an entire new set of pages!
  • You can theme every page individually or as a set
    • Each can have its own background colour or image. Halloween pages can use a spooky background colour and repeating ghostly image, while your Winter Wedding pages can use white and snowy image themes.

It's easy to save and load options, so it's easy to regenerate your pages for fresh content.

Why don't you watch a video showing ZazzleMySite in action? This one whizzes through in under 7 mins. It was made using the pre-release version of ZMS but is essentially the same.

Take the trial version for a spin. It's limited to generating a maximum of 5 products in a grid (30 in the full version) and will let you see just how useful it is!
Monthly+ and Perpetual licenses are available when you want to move beyond 5 in a product grid.
NB Monthly+ means the rest of the current month and all of the following month - up to two months!

I'm more than happy to answer any questions :)
~~Mark (HightonRidley)

PS If you're a Zazzler and you can (or already do) create templates for others to use I'd be happy to make one of yours available to use with ZMS in trade for a Monthly+ license. If you're interested, then first off, drop a mention in the comments and I'll get in touch.

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