Friday, 2 January 2015

Web page product grid and personalization panel example

Here's an example of a web page using a product grid and personalization panel created by SeeMyBest Pro.
What's so cool is the ability to compare designs side-by-side and choose the one that suits your name or initials best of all. Click the image and have a look. Change the text to your name and see what I mean about being able to compare designs and how cool it is...

A screenshot of a Product Grid and Personalization Panel created by SeeMyBest Pro

If you're a Zazzler and want to be able to show your products in this way (with the personalization panel) on your own blog or website, then visit the Zazzle Tools forum to get access to the trial version.
Or, if you've made up your mind already, visit the free version and donate, where it says, to get access to the permanent version of FreeMyBest Pro.

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