Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New version (6) of SeeMyBest Pro released

I've just finished a fairly major upgrade to SeeMyBest Pro.
  1. I've re-jigged and simplified the configuration form:
    • I've divided it up into sections that make sense, with buttons to show/hide each one.
      So, depending on what you're doing, you can keep your work space clutter-free.
  1. I've slightly changed the way it works:
    • Originally, you got a preview as soon as you visited the page. Now you have to click the build / generate button before you'll see any pulled products.
  2. If you use a trimmed version of the product page description, I've now added a "...more->" link to the product page description section:
    • Interested visitors can now continue reading the description on the product page.
      Anything that encourages them to click through to Zazzle is a good thing, because it helps you get more of your referral cookies "out there".
EDIT: Made the pin / sharing buttons individually optional, too:

PS You can read more about this on the Zazzle Tools forum.

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