Sunday, 11 January 2015

2-step tip: link to the description section on a Zazzle product page

I bumped into this today in solving a linking need I had.

In SMB Pro (one of my tools), under some circumstances I give a trimmed / shortened version of a product's description - it originally comes from the product's page on Zazzle, via an RSS feed but that's by the by.

I wanted to put on the end of the trimmed description ...more-> with that being a link, not just to the product's page on Zazzle, but also to the section on the page where the description appears.

I found out how to do it :)
  1. Take your normal link url (with referral id and tracking code, of course!) 
  2. Put on the very end of the url this magic incantation:
    #page_productUi_zWidget0 Yaay!
You'll end up with a link that looks like this:

Try it, you'll get taken straight to the description section.

Enjoy this one, I did!

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