Saturday, 19 July 2014

PinAProd news and Zaps and Promo Blogs mailing list changes

Again it's been a hectic few weeks. Whew, thankful it's almost all over :)

At the same time as I've been doing some redecorating (well it's been more like maintenance / repair but we'll let that go) also I've been developing a new free tool for Zazzlers, called PinAProd (link opens in a new window).

PinAProd is driven by a form

It started out as a tool to make rich pinning Zazzle market place or store products much, much faster (and better!) than Zazzle's PinIt (via their product page share facility).

Here's an example of what the products look like when you finished the form and clicked the 'get the products' button:

It's really straightforward to Pin - just imagine how fast, fuss-fee and easy it is to pin a complete store category!

It's since transmogrified into also providing support for Wanelo 'save' buttons and Polyvore's equivalent. To summarize, you use a form to decide what products to pull from Zazzle onto a temporarily generated page. Beside each product are the the three buttons and up to 120 products can be displayed at a time. And, as usual, the generated pins etc will carry the referral id and tracking code you give where they let you. Pinterest does, Polyvore does but Wanelo doesn't.

The next version waiting to be released

A screenshot extract of the products produced by the form above and showing the PinIt. Wanelo and Polyvore buttons

Right now, only the basic PinAProd is freely available, the one with only Pinterest PinIt buttons. The improved version described above is available to anyone who donates to my PayPal tip jar. I'm still waiting for it to fill up a little more before I make it freely available.

When I do, the next version will be developed (the one in the screenshot immediately above is waiting in the wings already). I've got some planned enhancements to improve the Wanelo and Polyvore experience, providing a work-around to the fact you can't pass a description or hashtags via their buttons, like you can with Pinterest.

I'll then branch PinAProd with that version becoming a Pro version, available only to those who donate. The free version will remain brilliant but basic and won't have all the bells and whistles of the Pro version.

Newsletter Re-jigging

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Promo Blogs didn't get the level of support needed from the Zazzlers whose products I was supporting. As a result, I've stopped requesting storekeepers to tag their products to get their gear promoted. Instead, I'll be carrying on with drawing from the market place or stores but not using those special power tags I was requesting.

All this meant that I needed to rejig my newsletters. I had one for Zaps News and Offers and one for my promo blogs. I've now combined the subscribrers from both into one list: Zaps and Zaplets News and Offers to cover the free tools like PinAProd, as well as info and offers for Zaps.

If you want to, you can sign up for it here (opens in a new window).

Now I've got to check a few other places and change the sign-up form to the new one!
 comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)

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