Friday, 23 May 2014

Free Zazzle Collections generator tool from the Zaps stable


There's a couple of real problems that faces the Zazzler who sets up an autopost blog. But even if you don't get involved with them, you'll still love the automatic generation of the html for your chosen collection!

Let me explain about autopost blogs.
  • In setting one up, one of the things you do is create a secret email address, just used for posting by email to the blog.
  • You then let people on the Zazzle forum (or other places) know what that secret email address.
  • You ask them to share by email from their product's page on Zazzle. The email address they fill in to send to is the secret email address as the one to send the product details to.
  • You also ask them to provide some descriptive text in the email that will appeal to search engine spiders.
  • When it's received at that secret email address, the blog platform then creates a post from it.

So what are the problems?

Well, Zazzle includes an awful lot of detail in the share email, much of which isn't right for a blog. The other is that people find it difficult to find search-engine-spider-friendly things to say in their shared email.

Here's the answer

It's a collections generator I've created:
  • no extra gubbins like Zazzle puts in
  • people find it much easier to describe collections than individual products!
And there's no catches with this tool - only the referral id you give it is used in the links.

Have a quick look and then come back here to find out where to get the product ids from for your first collection. Just use all the defaults and see what you get when you click the button! Here's the link (opens in a new window):

Ok, so you're raring to go with your first collection! Here's a screen shot of where to get your Zazzle product ids from. Do you see that number at the end of the address bar (starting 228396....)? That's the product id you need. Just navigate to the product you want - anyone's - and get the product id.

Do this for the four you want in your collection and you're away!

Now, about that donation button... ;)

comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)

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