Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Video tutorial for the free version of Ausome out now

I've just completed a new socializing tool called Ausome that I've added to the Zaps toolkit.

Video Tutorial for the free version

I've made a free version of Ausome and it's available for you to try out. I've now finished the slideshow video tutorial on using it so you can see every step of the way how to automatically socialize your blogs and social media channnels.

We've all got favorite places we go to, you know to find out about the niche areas we're interested in. They may be magazine sites, what's trending places, blogs of movers and shakers and so on. And pretty much all these places make their articles available for you to reshare.

They do this via RSS feeds, if that means anything to you - but it's not something you need to understand.

In a nutshell...

So, you use Ausome to automatically draw interesting articles from those places for your niche, and have them published / shared as a digest to your chosen social media channel / blog.

And you can mix and match as many digests from as many places with your various channels / blogs as you like.

The free version has only one scheduling option and that is, to automatically post / share the digest daily and at the time you give it.

All online

It's an online service, so there's nothing to install - just go there with your browser and use it. Here's the link to the tutorial: http://goo.gl/Hf9N79 where you'll find everything you need.

If you want, you can read more about Ausome here.

Note that with the free version of Ausome, 1 in 10 digests will include a short promotional message about Ausome at the end of each article in the digest. You're welcome to delete those if you choose but it would help me if you left them in. Thanks if you do leave them in :)

Happy Promoting, Happy Socialiizng
~~Mark (HightonRidley)

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