Monday, 21 April 2014

Switching on Google+ commenting is great for socializing, read why...

If you post your products on your own Blogger blog or if you've got an autopost Blogger blog, you know, one where you let other Zazzlers post to, then you need to do this: switch on Google+ comments.

Whatever type of Blogger blog you've got it's a great thing to do to help you socially.

Why, How?
It's all about making sure that as many as possible of the interactions you get are all in one place, wherever it's viewed from.

So if you or someone else +1s and/or shares your blog post on G+ (which is becoming the de-facto place to have worthwhile social interactions), then any +1s and comments made - either on the blog post or the G+ share, will be visible from both places!

And if someone reshares someone else's share of your blog post, then the same still applies. This is really good news for you because it means that wherever it goes within G+, the comments and +1s will follow.

And you get this benefit purely by switching on G+ comments for your blog. What's not to like about that?!

Switching on G+ comments

Go to your blog's design mode and you'll see a Google+ option in the navbar in the left hand column - click that and you'll see where to switch on G+ comments.

Potential gotcha

When you switch on G+ comments - what profile is going to show up? I'm pretty sure it uses your G+ profile and not your Blogger profile, so you may want to do something about that by giving your G+ profile some love, if it needs it.

Happy Promoting and Socializing,
- automatically, wherever possible!

~~Mark (HightonRidley)

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