Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Set up an Autoresponder using IFTTT and your Gmail account

Autoresonder IFTTT Recipe - click to see larger
If you want to email someone something specific when they ask for it, all automatically, here's a way to do it using IFTTT and your Gmail account.

You might want to do this as one of your marketing / promoting choices such as when you have a brochure of your products you want people to get.

Sure, you could put the same brochure on a website or blog instead - but consider the following...

It's a well-known fact that if you can get people to take some form of action, your conversion rates improve.

The reason is, that taking action establishes a relationship with you in the subconscious parts of their minds.

Of course, what you do with that early-stage relationship is down to you and your marketing / promotion strategy

Setting one up for yourself

And it's so easy....

On your blog, mailings, social media etc. you tell people:
"To get my current brochure, send an email to and put the hashtag #brochure in the body somewhere.
You'll get an email back again within the hour with my latest brochure"


1) You set up an IFTTT recipe with a trigger channel of Gmail (new email from search)

2) You tell IFTTT to send to the FromAddress ingredient (i.e. to the person sending the email)

3) You give it a body containing the html of your brochure

I don't have a brochure, so for this example, I've used it to automatically give out my current Zaps promotional coupon code.

Try it out: send an email to and within 15 minutes or so, you'll get an automatic reply with my Zaps voucher code in the email.

To set up an 'autoresponder' for yourself you'll need to sign up for IFTTT and connect it to your G-mail account (they call it 'Activating channels')

IFTTT Set-up

Here's a video tutorial on activating channels in IFTTT. The initial slide gives you the link to IFTTT so you can sign up for an account if you need to.

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