Monday, 21 April 2014

Get Zaps and Ausome with this coupon code (48 hr)

..let's get promoting

$15 Off Zaps (including Ausome) by using coupon code ROMULUS

Back here at base we've been celebrating the Easter launch of our Ausome (AutoSocializeMe) tool and making it available as part of the Zaps toolkit.
So this Easter Monday, to help us celebrate, we've got another money-off coupon code for you. It's valid from midnight Sunday to midnight Mon (PST).

Quite a few Zazzlers have been looking into it, reading up about it, watching the slideshow video tutorials for Zaps and for the free version of Ausome.

So this savings coupon is really aimed at you, if you're one of them - even if you're not; we welcome everyone here :)

To get $15 off the normal Zaps Pro price (coupon expires 11:59pm PST) on Tuesday. Code is ROMULUS (not sensitive to case), go here and use it now!

What is Zaps?

Zaps (read more) automatically promotes Zazzle gear to your social media channels and blogs, all according to your schedules. It uses your referrer id and tracking codes wherever possible, getting your products 'out there' automatically and helping you earn.

It stands for Zazzle Automatic Promotion System (or Zazzle Auto Promo System when we're feeling lazy!)

What is Ausome?

Ausome (read more) automatically draws interesting articles from your social sources and publishes them to your social media channels and blogs according to the schedules you create.

It stands for AUtoSOcializeME, because that's what it does ;)

Happy promoting and socialising,
- automatically, wherever possible!
~~Mark (HightonRidley)

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