Tuesday, 7 January 2014

"Two Cute Dragonlings" iPhone 3 Case

Cute Alert!

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wow! This one caught my eye, I hope you like it. By strangeling,
another talented creative from the Zazzle community!

tagged with: artsprojekt, art, fantasy, eye, eyes, big eye, dragon, fairy, dragons fairy, dragon fairy, dragons, dragonling, purple dragon, green, dragonlings, baby dragon, baby, big eyed, jasmine, becket-griffith, becket, griffith, jasmine becket-griffith, jasmin, strangeling, artist, goth, gothic, gothic fairy, faery, fairies, faerie, fairie, lowbrow, low brow, big eyes, strangling, fantasy art, original

"Two Cute Dragonlings" is the title - a PAINFULLY cute painting with one of my big eyed dragon fairies and her darling little dragonling pets! You probably know my Dragonlings from my collectibles with the Bradford Exchange & Hamilton Collection, but this is one of the actual paintings! These cuties are sitting out in a grassy field.... is that a storm approaching? My own original acrylic painting.

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