Monday, 20 January 2014

The official way to pay for my Zaps tool

EDIT Feb 15, 2014: This method of paying is now WITHDRAWN
Please see instead how to pay on the official Zaps page

I've been working on a new mechanism to accept payment for my Zaps tool that doesn't involve any manual intervention by me.
In one of my more inspired moments I realized that I could give it away free when someone buys something else from me - as long as there's enough profit margin.

So here's the end result, a very expensive postcard in my Zazzle store - see its reverse for more...

Buy this postcard, get 1 Zaps Pro License for free

I've now put this as my official way to pay on the official Zaps page

Here are some characteristics of this method:
  • People can use Zazzle coupons to get money off. Yaay!
  • Occasionally Zazzle does a 50%, 75% even 90% off. Boo!
  • If someone else promotes that postcard, they're not guaranteed to receive a referral commission because of the way Zazzle's cookie rules work. Boo!
  • Someone can self-refer, if they can manage it, and get 15% referral commission - like a cash-back in effect. Yaay!
So what I've done to deal with those 'boo's is
  • If a 50% or above coupon is used, they get minimal email support
  • If no coupon, or one below 50% is used, they're entitled to normal email support
  • Still working on how to properly reward someone who refers a sale but it needs to be with minimal manual intervention...
I still have to manually add each purchaser to the the Zaps tutorial slideshow and email them a link. Oh well, it's close to my ideal but not perfect while there's manual effort involved.

comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)

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