Saturday, 18 January 2014

Power tagging on Zazzle

If you're unsure about POWER tags, here's a refresher on how to add one. It's quite straightforward...
  1. You edit one of your products and click on the left on the "tags" link. You then see your tags inside buttons.
    NB If you have more than ten, the first ten buttons will be blue (POWER tags) and the rest white.
  2. If you add a tag when you already have at least ten tags, it'll go in a white button and you need to make it blue.
  3. If you add one a tag when you already have fewer than ten tags, it'll go in a blue button and so will be a POWER tag. Nothing more to do :)
  4. If it went in as a white button, you need to make it blue:
    1. Decide which is your least important existing power tag (i.e. one already in a blue button) and click that. It will go white - no longer a power tag.
    2. Now click the one you just added and it will turn blue, making it a power tag.
Done :)

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