Monday, 27 January 2014

pause quicktime screen recording on Mac OSX-10

I've been doing some screen recording for my Zaps Pro V2 tutorials using Quicktime and iMovie on my Mac with OSX-10.

Not being so experienced at making video tutorials, I searched high and low for a pause recording button but no joy. I did find something through a Google search that suggested a way to achieve it via the Quicktime recorder panel.

However. in a recent software update, when you start a screen recording the panel disappears up to the menu bar. Right click doesn't give any options and if you left click it, it stops the recording.

After a lot of playing, I finally found that pressing the escape key detaches it from the menu bar and makes it reappear on screen. When you give it the focus by clicking on it, it then responds to you holding down the alt key by showing a pause button. While still holding alt, you click pause and the screen recording pauses. The button turns red and if you click it, screen recording starts again.

When you want to pause once more, click the recorder control panel to give it focus, and then alt-click to pause once more.

I hope that tip saves you the time I wasted!

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