Tuesday, 7 January 2014

HightonRidley Niche Blogs To Promote On, Issue1 now sent

I've been working with Mailchimp's tools (an online mailing services provider) to manage my growing emailing needs as I up my promotion game.

I haven't for a while, but when I fist started my promo blogs I was visiting the Zazzle store of everyone whose products were being posted. Where their store had a contact button, I then sent them a note and a link to their post, just so they'd know. I also had a copy of the email sent to me, so I had a record.

I spent a couple of hours today transferring their email addresses from the individual correspondence with them to a Mailchimp mailing list (sign up for it here).

I had to segregate the mailing list as some (two!) were on it who had already received the mailing. Once I'd done that, I sent a slightly revised version of the newsletter, HightonRidley Niche Blogs To Promote On, Issue1, to them. I had to revise it slightly to make it relevant to them but I think I did an ok job.

So now I'm watching the Mailchimp report on that mailing, watching out for but hoping not to receive any unsubscribes ;)

comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)

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