Sunday, 5 January 2014

Creating a pipe for Coordinated Weddings featured spots

I spent the last couple of days creating a new pipe (designed to be used with IFTTT) specifically for my Coordinated Weddings blog. I'm having a featured spot and asked folks to suggest their stores (with extensive coordinated wedding product ranges) for me to use in it.

After a lot of browsing of suggested stores, I chose six (so far) to use.

I'm using one pipe to select, each hour, a specific storename from the list of those that were successful. Another pipe uses the selected store as the one to draw products from and, in conjunction with the given search term(s), it chooses a product to emit.

The pipe also has a storename offset so that one recipe can use the first storename in the list for a particular time and another recipe can use a different storename for the same time, as given by the offset it uses.

So I now have four IFTTT recipes posting each hour, each using different search terms and each posting an item from one of the featured stores. Something will only be posted if the store has enough items meeting the search terms to allow one to be selected.

comments, likes, +1s, tweets are always welcome! :)

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