Monday, 16 December 2013

Pink Zombie Sugar Panda Samsung Galaxy SIII Covers

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in my relentless search to find great designs, I found this one by JeffBartels,
another talented creative from the Zazzle community!

tagged with: panda, panda bear, sugar skull, day of the dead, cute panda, baby panda, zombie panda, cartoon panda, panda graphic, zombie, animal, graphic, cartoon, illustration, skull, unique, bear, paw, heart, star, swirls, decorated, panda paws, bear paws, love, bamboo, floral eyes, flower pedals, adorable, cute, stitched, stitched mouth, sugar panda, sugar skull panda, day of the dead panda, jeff bartels

This unique design features an adorable sitting baby panda bear decorated with pink swirls and drops. A large heart is in the middle of the bear's chest with a small five point star appearing at the top of the forehead. These simple patterns are inspired by the Day of the Dead sugar skulls as are the flower pedals surrounding each dark eye. The stitched mouth also gives the panda a cute zombie appearance. This cute symmetrical design is a unique representation of this beautiful creature.

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